Me! Faraway on a rock in Joshua Tree.

Facilitator, entrepreneur, story teller, gardener, rock star charity consul,

map collector, bike nerd

& all the other stuff.


Brande Jackson (that’s me!) is a facilitator, an entrepreneur, and creative strategist. That means I come up with some cool and innovative ways to train people, guide people, engage people and organize them. I’m a people person, they say.

Currently, I facilitate programs for at risk youth and creative professionals in the Los Angeles area. I oversee an organization called Living Histories, which provides youth with creative outlets in photography and filmmaking, and with skills such as financial literacy. We’ve recently launched a ‘business school for kids’ – teaching entrepreneurship, which I’m very excited about!

Working with an organization called WriteGirl, I also train & coach professional writers to teach creative writing to ‘at risk’ high school aged youth, as well as write & design the curriculum that we use.

I’m a part time lecturer in American Studies at California State University at Fullerton, teaching classes on media literacy and California history, and hopefully engaging my students & strengthening their critical thinking skills. I’m currently facilitating my courses in both a traditional classroom setting, and online.

For the past 12 years, I have also worked as a consultant, developing strategies and implementation for community focused campaigns and projects. I assist with messaging, developing & implementing training models, outreach campaigns, and overall project management. My clients are primarily socially minded companies and non-profit organizations, and have included Partners In Health, the ONE Campaign, Oxfam America, and Product (RED).

Under the name “Lokahi”, a company I started in 2002, I have created and led campaigns for my client organizations in partnerships with some of the biggest bands & musical artists in the world, such as U2, Arcade Fire, Brad Paisley and many more. By my rough estimation, I’ve recruited something like 750,000 supporters around issues like global poverty, voter education & veterans health over the past decade, primarily by facilitating outreach programs on these concert tours.

On a very part time basis, I also design eco-friendly, drought resistant gardens, something I’ve done since I was 17, when I started my first company. I recently launched “Ditch the Lawn”, a project aimed at helping homeowners take advantage of incentive rebates to replacing their lawns with drought tolerant plants.

I’m a pretty darn good speaker, a natural leader & have a knack for organizing and inspiring people. I’m passionate about personal development, education, global health, financial literacy and media advocacy.

I’m a bike nerd, a camera nerd, a plant nerd, a Los Angeles history nerd, and a recovering film school nerd.

Want to work together? Collaborate? Email me and let’s connect!



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