Creative Journal Class

Creative Journals: an art class focusing on the creative process

Creative journaling example for art class

Student Work

LONG BEACH: Creative Space Journaling Workshop
April 28th & May 25th
12pm – 4pm
Long Beach CA
$45 which includes materials used in class

To register: email


Topics covered this session will include:

Image transfers
DIY design techniques
Various painting techniques
Collage and mixed media
Creative writing
‘inspiration’ assignments


The Creative Journal class is an ongoing course that is focused on fostering the creative process. Using journals as our starting point, we utilize new art and writing techniques and fun, innovative ‘assignments’ to spur and inspire new projects, or find new direction in existing projects that are brought to class. The class format is very workshop oriented, with some time being spent working in journals and practicing new techniques, some time spent on creative writing prompts, some time spent reviewing relevant writings connected to work, and some time spent reviewing work and providing feedback for students that would like such.

Check out examples of student work to get an even better sense of what we do in our class.

Sign up today or email with any questions, and join our community of creativity!

Journal project

“Creative Journals” is a class based on the premise that we are all artists, regardless of level of skill and experience, and is designed to meet two goals: to teach and explore new techniques, methods and mediums, while also fostering the creative process itself. Designed to inspire new projects and give direction and motivation for existing ones (both art and non-art related) the class looks at the creative process as a spiritual and intellectual one that can (and should!) be a part of our daily lives.

Creative journaling example for art class

Creating journals, or ‘Artist Books’, will be the foundation of the class; students will be keeping several sketchbooks that they are working out of, practicing new art techniques such as printmaking, creating collages, writing, painting and much more. This aspect of the class will be very tactile and hands on. No previous experiences or skill level is needed – this class is all about exploration, and trying out new things, art without the capital ‘A’ is how I like to think of it! At the same time, this is also a great class for artists with experience looking for inspiration and to be in a community of like-minded folks who can provide feedback and support for projects.

We will also explore the creative process itself through writing, selected readings, and the examination of various spiritual and cultural traditions. I will be providing lots of resources for further reading, supplies and learning as well as coming up with fun ‘assignments’ geared towards helping you meet your creative and artistic goals.

Creative journaling example for art class

Stuck on a work related project, your novel, your student thesis, feeling a little uninspired in general or looking for a creative outlet and a community to interact with? This class is designed to give you inspiration and direction in whatever part of life you might need it. Feeling ‘on it’ right now, on a creative buzz but wanting an outlet to share and learn more things? This class is also perfect for those that are ‘on a streak’ but wanting feedback and focus.

Students can also bring any outside projects they are involved in to the class for feedback and ideas; the class format itself is very informal and workshop oriented. I teach this class in with the goal of having it be an accessible and comfortable place for students of all types: artists, artists in the making (those who don’t think of themselves as artists just yet!), students, working professionals, retirees, teachers, etc…Basically, my focus is to foster an environment that will inspire and motivate students to live a more creative life, in a way that makes sense to them.

Creative journaling example for art class

About the Instructor

I have been an art instructor for over fifteen years, with a particular emphasis on the creative process itself and ways to help people live fuller, more ‘creative’ lives. I have primarily worked with K-12 youth in disadvantaged communities in addition to my adult art classes, and am a college professor. My teaching style draws on a variety of sources: creative theory, community organizing, human development; as a teacher, my goal is to help students find their own unique voice and a means by which to use it that works for them. I also work as a community organizer/campaign manager, garden designer and creative consultant.


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