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Spring Wind


It’s fall, yes, but I’m sorta obsessed with this song right now. I’d never heard of Greg Brown before, but recently re-watched 180° South, and caught the bit of the Jack Johnson cover of “Spring Wind” – this passage jumped out at me: My friends are gettin older, so I guess I must be too. […]



As much as I love the travel and movement that touring involves, nothing beats that first Sunday home in weeks, when you know you’ll be home for a stretch. Bike ride and coffee and lunch with a friend, a glorious nap on my couch with the ocean breeze, time with niece and nephew, dinner with […]



Happily sleeping with my windows open as I do every summer, only it’s mild here, chilly. A lovely respite from the heat of the places we’ve been on tour, and the frigid a/c of the bus and hotels. Back out Monday, but it’s been a perfect week at home. It smells like bonfire tonight; I […]



This hotel room is strange. Tiny little 1x 2.5 foot windows with blinds against the striped yellow wallpaper on the 13th floor above downtown Sacramento. I can see a massive full moon peaking in through one of them. A little over three weeks in and today I hit the moment where the irregular sleep and […]



I must confess a deep love for the Texas landscape, at least as seen through the windows of a moving vehicle. It runs counter to my natural inclination for deserts and shorelines and canyon vistas, but I love it nonetheless. Maybe it’s the Texan in my blood, my maternal grandmother born and raised and always […]



Day off in Cincinnati. Two shows in. Still getting used to sleeping on the bus, 18 hours day and heat, likewise, sufficiently exhausted. This week is more of the Midwest and Texas, then Denver, which I’m excited about. I’m in love with hotel beds and cable right now.



Day off in Milwaukee. Walked a few miles, rented a bike from Coast In Bikes and rode maybe 12 miles or so along the lake, checked out Altera Coffee. Milwaukee is an interesting town, split up in strange ways, lots of cool little pockets.