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Spring Wind


It’s fall, yes, but I’m sorta obsessed with this song right now. I’d never heard of Greg Brown before, but recently re-watched 180° South, and caught the bit of the Jack Johnson cover of “Spring Wind” – this passage jumped out at me: My friends are gettin older, so I guess I must be too. […]



Things I discovered this evening that kinda go together: “In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.” -Camus I haven’t read Camus in a long time. Another item for the to-do list… And this. Beautiful. I love this band. Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk from Sigur […]


Thursday mornings this year I am teaching at Camps Scudder, a county run probation camp for incarcerated youth, all girls. I run a creative writing workshop program there. It’s been on of the more interesting and intense of the many projects I’ve worked on. Ever. Today some of the girls in one of my classes […]

I finally got caught up as what the excitement over Springsteen’s finale at ACL Live during SXSW last night  was all about (and consequently, wished even more that I actually went this year!!!) – this is pretty feel good awesome. I love the modern day relevance of Woody G. And I love seeing my Canadian friends […]