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I love journals. I keep Moleskine journals – soft cover plain craft paper, unlined, three to a pack, a little pocket in the back – and go through about one every three weeks. I must have over a hundred old ones, filled up, sitting on the bottom of a bookshelf in my office. The amazing […]


Thursday mornings this year I am teaching at Camps Scudder, a county run probation camp for incarcerated youth, all girls. I run a creative writing workshop program there. It’s been on of the more interesting and intense of the many projects I’ve worked on. Ever. Today some of the girls in one of my classes […]


Thursday. My students at Camp Scudder wrote ‘love haikus to food’.



Interesting article on education in Finland. Check it out here.


Tuesday. Teaching creative writing to high school aged girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays with WriteGirl; one of the sites in South LA, the other at a youth probation center. The girls are awesome, I love teaching these classes. I like to pick a poem each week to be our ‘theme’ of sorts – a nice […]