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Thursday. Downtown Los Angeles.


A Wednesday evening at home.

Car lots.


Been into photographing empty, seemingly abandoned car lots lately – noticing more and more of them over the past three years. I’ve long been drawn to shooting abandoned things (I’m fascinated with those ‘nature takes back’ Chernobyl images), but in particular, the sort of embedded social commentary in these makes them interesting, watching as cities […]


Tuesday. South LA, near a school I teach at.


Monday. Cereal for dinner. Also known as ‘somehow otherwise did not take a photo today.’ But at least made it to the grocery store.


Sunday. Bike light art at The Last Bookstore.


Saturday. Bike rides, lunch with friends, walks. I’m quite into taking cell phone camera photos lately; I have a massive collective of cool film cameras, and nice digital ones, but there is something about the simplicity of this way of approaching a ‘photo a day’ that I rather like… Berlin in Long Beach. At Fingerprints.