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♥ I had an awesome year. Feeling very grateful, happy, content. Here’s to more contentment, happiness, peace love and understanding, and Tom Waits in the new year…

A love note


From my friends’ four year old son.



I’ve posted this photo – my grandfather holding my mom – before, but I love it, so on what would have been his 91st birthday, I’m posting it again. I can do that. It’s my blog. We think of him often; any time I notice (and dorkishly point out to others) that the airport runways […]

Videos to watch


Tuesday. Watch these two videos. I found them both moving for different reasons. Perhaps you will too. Part of my love of this is, admittedly, my obsession with driving Patagonia. I was contemplating it this winter break; as of yet, not happening. But who knows, maybe I’ll buy a plane ticket tomorrow. I’m the ‘unplanned’ […]

Tree lots…


Happy. Happy. Not so happy.