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Wednesday. Tired. Dear Universe, Being in one of those tired, headachy, funky-headspace-kinda-lost-moods this evening and looking for a sign or some sort of direction and therefore, logically, putting Pandora on ‘shuffle’ to see what comes up only to then get Wanger’s “The Ride of the Valkyries” is really confusing. Apocalypse IS now? How am I […]


Wednesday. Cool sky over Long Beach coming home this evening.


Tuesday. Teaching creative writing to high school aged girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays with WriteGirl; one of the sites in South LA, the other at a youth probation center. The girls are awesome, I love teaching these classes. I like to pick a poem each week to be our ‘theme’ of sorts – a nice […]


Friday. Fog. Last two days were filled with record breaking heat and general craziness. Then today, around 4pm, this wall of fog rolled in, huge temperature drop, a light rain. Lovely. Appropriate. Went for a long walk in it. Ending of a long strange week…

Seal Beach


Thursday. The photo is from the front of Salon Meritage tonight. I really appreciate living in a community I can be proud of. A sea of people and candles and flowers and an abundance of talk of love and forgiveness and support and neighbors. Lots of Los Alamitos High students too, many of them friends […]


Tuesday. Lovely ramen evening in Little Tokyo with Mad Cao. The order slip is very old school bowling alleyish….in a good way of course.


Sunday. Bike rides, gardening, some Buddhist reading, a little Zpizza, nice evening walk. Not bad at all.