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Tuesday. AA flight, New York, JFK after a three hour delay. I love this work, I am grateful to travel, will be ancy again in a few months and ready to go again; but for right now, at this moment in time…to quote one of my favorite Talking Heads songs: “I’m tired of looking out […]


Sunday. Bike rides, excellent coffee (see below, I’m a bit enamored by this place in Huntington, I don’t know what they do to their espresso, but it’s awesome…), lecture prep for class tomorrow, friends. Life is abundant and lovely…


Saturday. Appreciating and soaking up another weekend at home after a busy busy summer.


Sunday. San Francisco. A lovely breakfast at The Grove Cafe, wrapped up our final day at Outside Lands. One of those great days full of lovely conversations that leave you excited and inspired, mini reunions with lots of friends old and new, great volunteers.


Saturday. Tinley Park, IL. Part of the fleet. Show day.


Friday. Chicago, full of great architecture, food, bars and friends.


Wednesday. Long Beach CA. Content to be home and riding my bike and getting coffee with friends.