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Saturday. Moncton, NB Canada. We opened for U2. It will forever be the ‘mudpit in Moncton show’ in my head, however…


Friday. Sackville, New Brunswick Canada. AF was the ‘Shark Attack’ surprise band at Sappyfest, an adorable little festival in an adorable little town. It was fun. I even bought a tee-shirt. They provided us with child size vodka bottles as well, as seen here by Frenchie.


Thursday. Halifax, NS. Show day. Went well. In my Canadian ignorant fashion, I knew nothing about Halifax. Cool town, hope to come back one day…


Tuesday. Seal Beach/Long Beach. Home after six weeks. Turned out to be short lived – about 30 hours, leaving tomorrow for a run of Canadian shows. But, got to see Morgan to give her the flamenco shoes I got her in Madrid (she is obsessed with shoes with heels right now and was thrilled) and […]


Monday. Seal Beach, after 18 hours of travel. Home from Europe and back to the land of Mexican food!


Friday. Formentera, Spain.

Thus far…


Already July 10th? I can break down the past 8 weeks into a series of blocks: wrapping up the semester, starting the Paisley tour, prepping to leave for Europe, advancing and coordinating Dispatch, Bonnaroo weekend, and now for the past four weeks, the European tour. This work is strange, forcing you to live so much […]