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Been into A.A. Bondy a lot lately. Had kinda forgot about this album, but this song was used in an Andy Irons video that was circulating a lot after his death. Bittersweet in that regard, but a great song nonetheless…and kinda fitting. Outside magazine had a good article on Irons recently. Think, at the end […]



My grandpa would have been 90 today; he lived a long, full 86 years before passing away three years ago. I like to remember him and my grandmother on their birthdays by making a small donation in their memory; my siblings and I were really close to our mom’s parents, and I think about them […]

I started my Pinterest board last month, and am totally into it. A really cool way to track ideas and inspirations, get ideas from others, etc. Very cool. I first saw it on Geninne’s Art Blog, her board is pretty awesome! I have always been into inspiration or idea boards; an entire wall of my […]



That end of the line feeling setting in. Been gone a month, which isn’t all that long in the scope of things; think I have a end of tour – end of travels – end an epic year kinda feeling. My flight to London tomorrow was canceled – Easy Jet informed me of such via […]



A conversation from Glasgow, Scotland today: Really cute guy from the venue that was in charge of showing me where to set up: “My name is Mikadsjf#ou&al, nice to meet you!” Me: “Sorry, what is your name again?” Mikadsjf#ou&al: “Mikadsjf#ou&al.” Me, laughing: “Um, could you spell it?” Mikadsjf#ou&al: “M-i-c-h-a-e-l. We just say it a little […]