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Last Saturday home for about five weeks. Morning bike ride with Phil – big Andy Iron’s presence in Huntington, sad but cool to see the response. Coffee break on Main Street, lunch in Seal Beach, some major home  purging and reorganizing and paper shredding. Stunning sunset at home, complete with a pod of dolphins right […]

Veterans Day.


My grandfather on the left. He wrote the caption. Cool org to support vets:

Sunday evening


Perfect sunset on the first night of returning to standard time; I never like it getting dark at 5pm, but this made it worth it. Another lady in Bogart’s Coffee, where I was at the time, looked up and said ‘wow, we are so blessed’. I concur.

Brande’s dad: pointing and speaking loudly after noticing the Larouche people outside of the restaurant we were in with the large photos of Obama with the Hitler mustache Look at those people! I’m no fan of Obama, but that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. You should go over there and tell them they’re stupid […]