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My mom posted this photo on her own blog today, me and my sister on a Halloween many years ago: I am somewhat disturbed as to exactly what I am dressed up as. Now, granted, the photo was probably taken in 1983 or ’84, which explains a lot, but, still, regardless, I am at a […]

My friend Dave and I shot and I edited together another short video for artist Petra Eiko and her very cool “What is in your heart” project.

I love waking up to rain; one of those great free ‘bonuses’ that life offers up, a rarity in Southern California, but always a thrill. Read this during my morning rounds of reading and writing: “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in […]



Ended a long but really good week with a family belated birthday dinner for my brother and trip to our local pumpkin patch. Bodhi is still too little to know what is going on, but Morgan and Riley are all about it now. Love this time of year: colors, the crispness; fall to me always […]



“The soul is projection. Represent it.” – my Yogi teabag I wish I thought of that. Those Yogi tea people come up with some good shit. Excellent day. Woke up this morning finally feeling not tired, busted out a bunch of work in that good way that makes you feel like you are really accomplishing […]



Me: “Pumpkin pie flavor back at Golden Spoon. Too bad ur feeding a lactose intolerant person with your boobs these days.” My sister: “Damn.” The pumpkin pie flavored frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon is cosmically amazing. Unless you don’t like pumpkin flavored things, in which case you will most likely find it gross and I […]



After four plus months of awesome work and travel and all the craziness of life that entailed, I am looking at five weeks of being home with a relatively wide open schedule. Which feels nice, and a little strange. Then off to Europe for five weeks or so with the band in mid November, but […]