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A conversation


A sizable noise emerges from my living room, where my niece is hanging out. Brande: “Riley, what was that?” Riley, aged 3.5 comes to my office doorway: “I don’t know.” Brande: “Riley, what was that noise?” Riley: “huh?” Brande: “what was that sound just now?” Riley: “what?” Brande: “what just happened?” Riley, pauses for a […]

Video project


A video my friend Dave and I recently created (shot and edited) for artist Petra Eiko: My students participated in the project too!

Watering the ground.

My newest ride


I am way into this bike at the moment. One of our vendors at the family shop brought it in last weekend. Steyr Tourist, says Austrian made. It was cheap, I’d been itching to add a bike that was lighter and wanted a vintage one, and it looked cool. So it came home. Rides nice!

New project


Site I just built this week for a new campaign I’m working on. Still under construction a bit, but excited about the project: