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Sydney, Aus NYE Dec 07 I’m a reflector, a listor (that is, one who makes lists), a contemplator, a sum-it-uper. For that reason I have always like New Years Eve. A chance to think, sum it all up, and move forward. When I was younger, I’d write letters to myself, not to be opened until […]

A man reading the yellow pages with his coffee. The elderly guy that was here last Monday afternoon at this time, on the winter solstice, in his wheelchair, the Trojan fight song his cell ring tone. Younger guy in flip flops, also here this time last week, also on his laptop. We are creatures of […]



Dinner party


A lovely start to winter the other night, hosting a small dinner party at my place. No food poisoning, excellent selection of good people, and an impressive rum punch concoction. My infamous (in some circles, at least, of eight or nine people at least) rum punch. Sandy, Helen and Phil The Rusting-Morey siblings. Nick, who […]

Winter Solstice


I’ve always liked the symbolism of solstices; as I grow older I seem to pay more and more attention to cycles and seasons and the subtle changes. As of late, things no longer seem to ‘just happen’; while I can’t put my finger on the why, I feel more in sync with the tiny shifts […]

Baby Jesus was stolen – again – from the Old Town Orange nativity scene. Which, of course, we find hilarious.… It’s set up in the plaza, across the street from where our family business is. A few years ago a drunk driver wiped the whole thing out. Which, of course, isn’t funny but also […]



I stopped by my mom’s house on my way home this evening, initially for a quick stop to pick up some mail. But I ended up hanging out with Morgan, who at six months old is way more fun than she had been thus far. She can recognize us – voices, etc – and shows […]