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I received an order of very cool herbs and veggies last week for my nursery from one of my favorite vendors. Scented geraniums, random herbs, some nice aloe…. The order included these little tiny Papaya trees and I am now obsessed with growing one.

King Sumner




My shade tree got cut back today- letting the soon to be winter sun into my office now, I suppose. I have a new view, the landscape as seen from my desk drastically changed. But it looks bare and sad. I’m conscious of the fact that I feel sorry for a tree, that I’m giving […]

I wanted a photo of Riley in this goofy hat. She came over to my place briefly this evening with her mom and dad.  Vinny had come over to help me replace the dead battery on my Explorer, and his ladies came in tow. The car has sat for six months – no $$ to […]

Maybe it’s my funky mental space of the moment. Who knows. But it’s lovely. “I’ve got to get home there’s a garden to tend. There’s fruit on the ground and the birds have all moved back Into my attic with whistling static When the young learn to fly I will patch all the holes up […]



After purchasing her a dinner of guava juice and carrot cake, as we walked to the playground at 8:30pm, Riley suddenly looked at me and burst out, “I really love you, Brande!”. I might be the female version of Uncle Buck, but it still made my day.